July Newsletter

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Pet of the Month




Sarge is a 10 year old Terrier who valiantly defends his home against deer, squirrels and chipmunks. He has been eating the Cold Water Recipe since around 2014 and adores it. The Buddy Biscuits soft and chewy treats are his favorite of all!

We are thrilled with the recurring delivery and Customer Service is prompt and courteous. We highly recommend Nature’s Select to anyone wanting an excellent product made in the USA.


-Gail Huff

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Item of the Month

ioVet Oral Health


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  • A simple water additive to effectively keep your pets teeth & gums clean
  • more effective than brushing!
  • great for all ages
Image of ioVet™ Oral Pet Water Additive

ioVet™ Oral Pet Water Additive


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Dogs Ears


Fun Fact

Dogs have 18 muscles to move their ears

Educational Tip

Removing ticks from your pet

  • use tweezers, tick remover tools or hemostats
  • clamp at the base of the tick to the dogs skin
  • Rotate counter clockwise to remove tick
  • Place in jar with alcohol to kill the tick

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dry dog food
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Certified Pet Nutritionist Corner

4th of July

Many people will be celebrating our Independence this 4th of July by shooting off fireworks. This is definitely a fun time to celebrate & worth celebrating!! As a pet owner, it's our job to keep our pets safe and comfortable during this time. Read a few tips on how to keep your pet safe this 4th of July in our blog.

  • Keep your pet inside
  • Keep the radio or TV on for your pet
  • Keep your pets crate or small area available for comfort.
Holiday Picks
Image of Classic Recipe - Chicken & Rice

Classic Recipe - Chicken & Rice


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Image of Doggie Dannas

Doggie Dannas


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Image of New Zealand Recipe - Lamb & Rice

New Zealand Recipe - Lamb & Rice


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