Chief from David's Table is proud to partner with Chief in his role as the Chief Dog in Charge with David's Table, a Greenville, SC based ministry for adults with disabilities. David's Table exists to  demonstrate the love of Jesus to adults with disabilities and their families by creating community, connecting to resources, and making disciples.  You can see David's Table in action around the Upstate of South Carolina loving on families through events and other opportunities.  David's Table hosts a Farmers Market, a week of overnight Camp, and a host of weekly activities.  

You'll find Chief mingling with friends at David's Table Events.  Chief is a certified Facility Dog through PAALS and is an excellent companion.  Chief draws smiles where ever he goes and is super well behaved.  Chief loves a good treat and loves dragging Skeeter, his Human around on his escapades.   

Chief is a purebred Labrador Retriever who loves Nature's Select Pet Food.  Chief primarily dines on Nature's Select Cold Water Recipe and a healthy mix of treats found on  Chief loves coming to visit the Office because he knows we're going to let him sample our newest wares along with spoiling him with some of his favorites!  

Chief has his own discount code with Nature's Select.  If you use coupon code Chief when placing an order we'll give you a 5% discount on your purchase and donate 5% of your purchase to David's Table.  Use coupon code Chief on as many times as you'd like.  

As mentioned earlier, Chief is a PAALS Pup and was originally slated to be a service dog.  Chief had Skeeter on his mind and failed his service dog training by relieving himself on an airplane.  Not the best behavior, but we're sure happy to have Chief around.  Actually, God had a better plan for Chief and did so in pairing Chief and Skeeter.  Chief brings smiles to hundreds as he brings Skeeter to Church, Restaurants, and just about anywhere they go together.  Chief is a gentle soul loved by many and his training from PAALS shines through in his daily work with Skeeter.  We're proud to work with Chief & Skeeter too!