Now you can get your favorite Nature's Select pet food products delivered on a recurring basis! With Nature's Select Subscriptions, you’ll get consistent dog food and cat food deliveries and on-going savings! Talk about doggone convenience.


Subscriptions Made Easy!

Simply subscribe to your favorite Nature's Select product - be it our dry food, canned food, or freeze dried items - and choose the quantities you would regularly like to receive. There are no long-term contracts or hidden fees. You’ll only pay for orders that ship out and you can adjust your account whenever you would like. Cancel, skip, or make changes at any given time. 
Nature's Select Subscription Dog

Flexible Delivery Dates!

Effortlessly manage what you receive, when it arrives, and the way you pay. Login to your Nature's Select Customer Account at any time to increase or decrease your deliveries. "Pause" your subscription orders for any reason, whether you are going on vacation, your pet has started eating less, or because you just want to take a break from happens so we totally understand!
Nature's Select Products

Real-time Notifications!

You will receive an e-mail before each delivery or if there are any problems with your account or payment method, making it easy for you to keep track of your upcoming subscriptions. You will be e-mailed in advance if you'd like to skip or cancel, making it stress-free for you with no surprise pet food deliveries!
Nature's Select Dalmation

Savings on EVERY order!

Save 5% on every order you receive on subscription! Now that's a doggone good deal if you ask us! Please note that since the discount is built-in to the product(s) for subscription, subscriptions cannot be combined with any other discount or coupon code (with the exception of introductory offers). In the meantime, if you are trying to redeem store credit, referrals, or a specific promotion or coupon code, please do a one-time purchase to redeem that is not associated with your subscription order. 
Nature's Select Dog

Nature's Select Subscription Terms of Service:

Nature's Select Pet Food provides a subscription service. By subscribing to our service, you have confirmed that you accept our Terms of Service. Your membership will automatically renew on a recurring basis at which time your credit card will be charged automatically for the subscription products, including applicable shipping and handling fees until you cancel your membership. You may cancel your membership at anytime by logging in to your account, selecting Subscriptions, then clicking cancel next to the item.

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Friendly Reminder:

If you do not need your scheduled pet food subscription order and wish to skip or cancel entirely, remember that it is YOUR responsibility to take action before it ships. Otherwise, you will be responsible for any associated restocking or shipping fees, and refunds will be handled on a case by case basis.

If you have any questions about Nature's Select Subscriptions, please email us at  🐶We’re always happy to help.