It is tick season and your pet may easily pick up a tick when they are outside.  Ticks like to hang out in tall grass, shrubs & trees, areas all dogs like to go explore in, sniff & smell.  

After taking your dog outside, it's always a good idea to check them for ticks.  You want to rub close to your dogs skin to feel for any bumps.  If you feel anything abnormal, part the fur away from the bump to get a closer look.  Particular areas you'll want to check for ticks on your pet are around their collar or harness, armpits, rectum area, behind their ears, inside their ears, in between toes and their belly area.

If you notice a tick on your pet, you'll want to remove them by using tweezers, a tick removal tool or hemostats.  Ticks dig into your dogs skin clockwise, so you will want to remove them at the base counterclockwise.  It's a good idea to keep a tick jar at home to place the ticks in after you remove them.  Get a glass jar and fill the bottom of it with rubbing alcohol.  This will kill the ticks shortly after placing in the jar.  

You want to keep your pet and family safe against these disease carrying pests.  Be sure that your pet is on an effective preventative against ticks to keep them safe during this tick season.