Dogs Eat Less in the Summertime

"Why does my dog eat less in the summertime?" Such a great question! And a very common question from our Nature's Select customers this hot time of...

The Perfect Poop

Every good dog owner is going to pick up the poop after their beloved pet, right?  We've seen it all, straight liquid, runny, formed then "cow plum...

Feeding Formula

Click on the image to learn exactly how many cups to feed your pet to find out how much your dog weight in kilograms, take your dogs weight (or ide...

Measuring Your Pet's Food

Click on the Image to View our Vlog about Proper Measurement

Happy 27th Birthday to Nature's Select Pet Food!

Happy 27th Birthday to us! This month marks 27 years of business for Nature's Select Pet Food! For almost three decades now, we have provided quali...

Autumn Safety

Keep your pet safe this Fall season.

Welcome to Nature's Select

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Pet Allergies

Find out some causes of pet allergies and how to help your itchy dog.

Recognizing Overheating/Dehydration in Dogs

Know what steps to take to help cool your dog down if your dog becomes overheated.

Bully Sticks Vs. Rawhide

Why Bully Sticks are better chews for your dog.

Lowering Your Dog's Urine PH Levels

                     Using the tips in this blog to increase water intake and supplementing with Cranberry, GrassSaver, and Probiotics, can help lo...

The Importance of Hydration to Avoid Urinary Stones and Crystals in Pets

Summer's are HOT ~ Stay hydrated! Each summer here at Nature’s Select, we receive a few calls regarding dogs developing crystals or stones. A pet...