Why Your Dog Should Eat New Zealand Recipe?

Why Your Dog Should Eat New Zealand Recipe?

You know your dog best.  You wake up with them by your side, or maybe they are waking you up telling you it's time to go out.  You play with them, feed them, talk to them, maybe even dance with them.  You even pick up poop after them.  

Have you noticed that your dog's poop may be a little on the soft side?  Maybe your dog tends to regurgitate after a meal or has some acid reflux.  We are here to help you with the right food!

Our New Zealand Recipe is our go to for dogs with sensitive stomachs.  The lamb is gentle on their tummies and you will see positive results.

Check out this testimony from Customer Cynthia Smith with Pepper & Dickens:

"Our older dog, Pepper has been having some digestive issues for the past year. As we tried numerous options from the vet, Pepper soon distrusted her food because it usually had some kind of medication in it and every day was a new attempt to get her to eat. However, at a friend's house, Pepper ate their dog's food that was left in his bowl—it was Nature's Select. We ordered a small bag to try. The food arrived on a Wednesday and by Saturday, Pepper's digestive issues were resolved. We called and ordered a larger bag and are also transitioning our younger dog, Dickens, to the same food. Every mealtime is such a joy. They love their food and we have backyard evidence to prove they are having a healthy response to the nutrition. Thank you, we are very grateful...and your customer service ROCKS!"

    Pepper loves Nature's Select New Zealand Recipe