Why Should You Add Grizzly Oil Products to Your Pets’ Daily Meals

Why Should You Add Grizzly Oil Products to Your Pets’ Daily Meals

Grizzly Oil Products always sources fish that is wild caught, never farmed.  Founded by a scientist, Grizzly Pet Products is committed to providing products that are based in scientific facts.

Omega 3’s are essential; and therefore, must come from your pet’s diet.  DHA & EPA are found in marine sources like cold water fatty fish.  EPA & DHA help strong immune, cardiovascular & nervous system function, healthy joints, and skin & coat health.  ALA comes from plant sources and supports skin & coat health, but it is not as bioavailable as DHA & EPA for pets.

Omega 6’s are also essential fatty acids that support healthy cell function.  However, an elevated Omega-6 content may trigger inflammation in your pet’s body.

Adding Grizzly omega supplements to your pet’s diet gives them a balanced omega-3 to omega-6 ratio for optimum health.

Happy Customer Cats enjoying Grizzly Salmon Oil

So which Grizzly Product is best for your cat or dog?

Grizzly Salmon Oil: With a blend of wild Alaskan fish oils, this Omega-3 supplement delivers our highest levels of EPA & DHA  to support your pet’s heart, organs, nerve-based functions including cognition and vision, immune system, fertility, and a healthy skin and coat.

Grizzly Pollock Oil: High EPA for healthy skin and a beautiful coat.  Our wild pollock oil boasts a very high content of the Omega-3 fatty acid EPA and a very low Omega-6 content—making it ideal to support a healthy skin and coat—which is often the main reason veterinarians refer pet owners to fish oil supplements. 


Grizzly Krill Oil: Fights free radicals and supports health and wellbeing.  This product is an obvious choice for anyone wanting to safeguard their pet against the harmful actions of free radicals—the unstable molecules created primarily during digestion. In addition to supporting your dog or cat in fighting free radicals, the inherent antioxidants in Grizzly Krill Oil also help support the health of your pet’s liver, ocular, respiratory, cardiovascular and vascular functions, as well as helping to maintain good health in all the body’s cells and tissues.

Krill Oil does not contain omega-3 fatty acids like other fish oils, but instead contains omega-3 lipids (phospholipids). Lipids are very important elements in all cell membrane structures; providing a variety of phospholipids in your pet’s diet helps maintain healthy membranes in the digestive tract, further benefiting overall nutrition absorption.

All Grizzly Oil Products are designed so you can use them simultaneously as they target different purposes and provide different means of support to your pets.

Bottles can be stored away from sunlight at room temperature, or you can refrigerate if desired. Unopened, our oil is good for at least 20 months. Opened bottles should be used within 90 days of opening.

Keep your cat and dog healthier by including Grizzly Oil Products to their daily meals.  

Happy Customers Bella and Lucy that use Grizzly Salmon Oil