Why Feed Can Food?

Has your pet ever decided to just not eat a meal?  It's like you think that they are tired of having the same food all of the time.  Did you go through countless of different dog foods to find out which one your pooch likes? 

What if it was as simple as just adding a little bit of canned food to their dry food?  Wait, what?  Canned food?  That's not good for their teeth, right?  Well, just like humans, dogs can get food particles, plaque and tartar built up on their teeth too, so they need the same preventative measures that we take.  No matter what diet they are being fed.

Can food actually has some great added health benefits.  When dogs are loosing weight, a little bit of canned food and help them feel fuller.  There is also a higher protein content in canned food, giving more fuel energy for your pet!  It also makes the food more palatable. That will encourage any 'picky eater' to gobble down their meal!  Check out why canned food can be better than feeding just dry food alone.Dog Canned Food

For cats, canned food is even better, because of the water content!  "Cats do drink less which could lead to chronic kidney disease and lower lower urinary tract diseases.  Feeding canned food maintain better hydration and promotes dilute urine, reducing the risks of these diseases."

Can Food can be great for both dogs and cats, especially cats, since they can be known to not be the greatest drinkers

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