Training Your Cat High-Five

Training Your Cat High-Five

You can train your Cat 'High Five' in 5 easy steps!  First you'll need to make sure you already have a cat.  If you don't own a cat, you could always go to your local animal shelter and ask them if you can spend time with one of their cats to teach them this trick.

Besides a cat, some other items you'll need include something that makes a clicking noise & tasty treats. 

Step 1: Show your cat your hand, close enough to touch. 

Step 2: wait for your cat to touch your hand with their paw.   

Step 3: CLICK! to reinforce the behavior then give the reward. 

Step 4: withdraw your hand, wait, and repeat steps 1-3. 

Step 5: once they have that down, start saying, "HIGH-FIVE" when you put out your palm.

 Watch here on how easy it is to train your cat 'High-Five'!

Be sure to get your camera out and take pictures of your cat giving you 'High-Five'!  Be sure to email us your pictures so we can see their cool trick!  Send your pictures to

Orange Tabby Cat giving High-Five