Prepare Your Pet for a Pet-Cation this Holiday Season

Prepare Your Pet for a Pet-Cation this Holiday Season

Will you be traveling this season and leaving your pet behind?  Here are a few tips to help your pet have a fun and stress less pet-cation while you're away.
First, you'll need to decide if you would like to have a Pet Sitter come into your home to take care of your furry family members while you are away, or if you would like to take them to a boarding facility.  Either way your pet can have a lot of fun and feel safe while you are gone.


Pet Sitter

If choosing a Pet Sitter, you'll want to make sure that the Pet Sitter is available the dates you'll be gone.  It's a great idea to schedule a Meet and Greet before traveling and scheduling this 1-2 weeks before you depart.  Doing so will allow the Pet Sitter to come to your house before you leave to meet your pets and know the routine.  You'll also want to make sure your pet sitter has a key or a code to get in before your departure and that they have no problems entering in the home.  Before your departure date, schedule a day trip for your Pet Sitter to come in just for one or two visits to get them and your pet accustomed to each other. 

When it's time for your trip, be sure to leave notes on the counter for your Pet Sitter before your departure to be a reminder of how much food to feed, what times to feed, any medications that need to be administered, your Veterinarian's phone number, a local emergency contact just in case someone needs to come to the house as well as favorite activities your pet likes to do. 

Following these tips will help you, your pet and your Pet Sitter have a great time while you are away.

Here are some Pet Sitters that we recommend that you can check out if you are in their area: 

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Boarding Facility or Veterinarian

If choosing a boarding facility or your veterinarian, be sure to call well in advance to make sure they have an availability the dates you'll be gone.  Be sure to get their drop off and pick up times, for this may extend your pets stay by 1-2 days, depending on when you arrive back into town. 

It's a good idea to tour the facility with your dog before their stay.  (Cats prefer you to skip this step).  This allows your dog to sniff around and check it out with you and allows you the opportunity to see how the staff interacts with your dog.  You'll want to observe the cleanliness of the facility and find out what activities and food are all included with the boarding stay. 

Before the big trip, reserve your dog to go for the day to help them get adjusted to the new routine. This allows you to get a report from the staff on how your dog did and allows you to observe your pet after their day trip to see how they liked it. 

For your pets stay, pack a travel bag with your pet to include their pre-measured food for each meal (unless they are eating kennel food), any medications in their appropriate containers; if any need to be administered, treats, chews, durable toy that can be washed easily, and a blanket.   Be sure to put your pets names on their belongings.  Include your Veterinarians phone number and a local emergency contact in case someone needs to come get your pet while you are away.  Doing these steps will help you and your pet feel more comfortable about staying away from home.  

Here are some Boarding Facilities that we recommend that you can check out if you are in their area:

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