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Top 5 Wellness Tips
Image of Grizzly Pollock Oil

Grizzly Pollock Oil


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Grizzly Salmon Oil Plus 8 oz.


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Grizzly Krill Oil 8 oz.


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Dogs Tongues

When drinking dogs curl up the back of their tongue, scooping the water into their mouths to take a drink.

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You can train your Cat 'High Five' in 5 easy steps!

Items needed: a cat, something that makes a clicking noise, tasty treats. Step 1: Show your cat your hand, close enough to touch. Step 2: wait for your cat to touch your hand with their paw.

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The benefit of adding Grizzly Oil Products to your pets’ daily meals

Adding Grizzly omega supplements to your pet’s diet gives them a balanced omega-3 to omega-6 for optimum health.

What exactly are Omega 3's and Omega 6's and which Grizzly Product is best for your dog or cat...

Find out on this months blog!

Oct Pet Wellness Blog

There are several reasons I like and purchase Nature’s Select. One, Bebe (my fur baby) loves it. Two, I am so appreciative that my order is personally delivered without bent cans. Three, the canned food has a much higher moisture content which is excellent for Bebe’s kidneys. Fourth, contact for the product is local and accessible which means personal service.

- Louise Gallagher

Simply send us your favorite picture of your pet and what you love most about Nature's Select.
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