May Newsletter

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Pet of the Month

Service Dog Chief

We started with Nature’s Select because a friend became a part of the company locally and invited us to switch. We have stayed with Nature’s Select because Chief prefers the menhaden fish and sweet potato mix. His coat is soft and thick. Also because Nature’s Select informed us about mercury in salmon and switched us to the menhaden mix. Nature's Select has been personal in their approach to service. Chief and I have names.

Skeeter Powel with David's Table

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Item of the Month

Image of ByteTag



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Axel wearing his Explorer Byte Tag

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Item of the Month

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Image of Canned Cat Food

Canned Cat Food


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Image of Select Feline Classic Nutrition Recipe

Select Feline Classic Nutrition Recipe


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Cat loving Nature's Select


Fun Fact

There are over 500 million domestic cats in the world

Educational Tip

How to apply Soft Paws

It's best to take your cat to your groomer or veterinarian for soft paws to be applied correctly.

Soft Paws come in different sizes and may need to be trimmed some to fit your cats nail properly.

Your groomer or veterinarian technician will trim back some of the nail, keeping some of the nail curved to allow the soft paw to adhere to the nail.

Then they will apply the special glue that comes with the soft paw kit, extract the nail from the nail bed and apply the soft paw, pushing firmly, but gently.

Soft paws will need to be taken off (if your cat didn't already do this for you) and reapplied every 4-6 weeks.

cat wearing soft paws

Why would I consider soft paws for my cat?

  • Your cat is indoor only
  • Scratches on furniture
  • Scratches at the carpet
  • Owner tends to bleed easily

Remember, if you are thinking about having soft paws applied on your cat, call your veterinarian or groomer to schedule an appointment.

*Dogs can wear soft paws too! This is great for dogs that live in homes with wooden floors and you don't want the floors to be scratched up

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Certified Pet Nutritionist Corner

Doggy Activities

It's so important to make sure that your dog is getting enough exercise each day! With the summer quickly approaching, check out our BLOG for some FUN ideas on how to keep your dog active this summer!

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