Love Bites!

Why does my dog or cat like to bite and nibble me?

Well it may just be that they love you!

A cat "love bite” can have a number of meanings, expressing mixed signals to their human companions.

Cats will gently bite their kittens when grooming in a delicate and endearing manner, to dig deep to remove the dirt. Repeating these attentive mannerisms with their humans is a similar sign of care, kindness and love, providing their teeth are applied with a little tenderness. In these instances, our four-legged friends are mimicking the act of grooming to highlight your value and importance to them, as if you were one of their own litter.

Another reason that your cat might want to lick and nibble you is to get your attention. Some cats bite as a form of communication or demand for attention. Instead of meowing, they bite. If a cat nips you and then tries to lead you to an activity, such as playing with a toy, this could be the reason.

They’ll do it to their mother when they want to be center stage amid their sibling rivalry, they’ll do it with their brothers and sisters to instigate fun and play, and they’ll do exactly the same when ready for playtime with their pet parents.

 Similarly, love and affection are reportedly the main reasons dogs nibble on their humans. Imagine this: You’re cuddling with your dog when he suddenly begins licking and nibbling on your arm. You notice his lips are slightly lifted and he’s lightly chewing on you quickly and rhythmically. No, your dog isn’t being aggressive or trying to bite you. This is simply one of many ways your pup is saying, “I love you!” They nibble on you to show affection. Dogs enjoy grooming one another. It’s a means to form bonds with and respect people higher in the pack. Therefore, when your dog nibbles you, it’s probably trying to groom you to demonstrate love and care for your role as the pack leader.