June Newsletter

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Pet of the Month


Happy Customer Tommy
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Tommy started eating Nature Select Summer of ‘21. In the fall he experienced an emotional trauma when I left town and nearly died from a urinary infection. Three days at the vet and they couldn’t get him to eat. I arrived and he immediately ate the Nature Select cat food I brought. Due to his damaged kidneys, they offered the options to put him down or subject him to daily shots. My intuition said to do neither and I took him home. Our Nature Select rep assured me that their cat food was good to sustain Tommy’s kidney diet, so I kept him on it and added occasional canned food. Tommy appears to be 100% well and we pray for his continued health as he is a very affectionate cat.

-JoAnn Van Hoozen

Item of the Month

Happy Customer Axel with his Cold Water Recipe

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You may notice your dog or cat itching more this summer. Pollen is high and everyone is feeling the effects of it. Get a head start to an itch free summer by switching your dog to our Cold Water Recipe or by adding the Grizzly Salmon Oil to the current recipe you are feeding.

Help your pet by giving them relief fast with our Grizzly Salmon Oil which is good for both dogs and cats.

Image of Grizzly Salmon Oil 16 oz.

Grizzly Salmon Oil 16 oz.


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Image of Select Cold Water Recipe - White Fish & Sweet Potato

Select Cold Water Recipe - White Fish & Sweet Potato


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Image of Grizzly Salmon Oil Plus 8 oz.

Grizzly Salmon Oil Plus 8 oz.


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Dogs Nose


Fun Fact

A dog's nose print is unique, much like a person's fingerprint.

Educational Tip

How to trim dogs nails

Dogs nails can grow fast! It's important to make sure they are regularly being trimmed by yourself, groomer or veterinarian.

If you are trimming at home, it's important to know where the quick is on your dog. The quick includes a blood vessel and nerves and is easier to see on light dog nails. If your dogs nails have grown out, you want to train the quick to recede by trimming just the tips off every 2 weeks. Once the nail is at a healthy length, you can follow these steps on how to trim your dogs nails.

Step 1 - Picture an imaginary line from your dogs pad going to the nail. Anything above that line is safe to trim

Step 2 - move back any hair that may be around the nail to help you see more clearly

Step 3 - gently grasp your dogs nail and trim

Step 2

Step 1

Where to trim on a dogs nail

Read more about nail care in our blog!

Step 3

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Certified Pet Nutritionist Corner

Kibble Report Card

It's important to know exactly what is in your pets food. You want to know how much protein is being pulled from the meat source and how much is being pulled from the plant source.

Here at Nature's Select we make sure you know that all of our recipes are having the protein being pulled from the meat source - dogs are carnivores and need meat!


Have any Pet Nutrition Questions for us? E-mail our Certified Pet Nutritionist TODAY!