Dental Health

February is Dental Health Awareness Month

It's so important to keep your pets teeth healthy.  Doing preventative care such as brushing, using Tropiclean Oral Gel Fresh Breath, chew bones and dental cleanings at your Veterinarian will all play a role in protecting your pets mouth.

There are three types of build up that occurs in your pets mouth. . . 

  • Food Particles
  • Plaque
  • Calculus (Tartar)

To read more about these three different types, check out this article on Dog Food Advisor.

When a pets mouth is not being properly cared for, bacteria can get under Plaque & Calculus which leads to gingivitis (gum inflammation).  Ongoing gum inflammation can cause periodontitis.  This increases your pets risk of having heart, liver and kidney disease.  

It is so important to maintain your pets mouth health at home for preventative care.

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