David's Table - A Ministry Partner

David's Table is a Christian Ministry in Greenville, South Carolina who provides services to Adults with Special Needs along with their families.  We asked Skeeter Powell - the Story Teller in Chief of David's Table to tell us more about this special ministry.  Read his unedited words below.  But first, you can help partner with David's Table by using coupon code "Chief" when you placing orders on buypetfood.com.  We'll contribute 5% of your total purchase to David's Table.  You can donate directly to David's Table using this link.  

Skeeter's Words

A History of David’s Table

If it was about me I would say, “I was born at an early age.  My folks were in the iron and steel business, Mom ironed”.

Almost 24 years ago Ben Brewer came to a Young Life All City meeting.  It was outside.  350ish in attendance.  Ben came in a power wheelchair.  We did not know him.  We did not invite him.  But we were nice to him, mostly.

A Young Life meeting usually consists of singing, as skit or game and a talk about Jesus.  This evening was like that.

The game was – two people from each high school were called up front to identify as many of their friends as possible in a very short time.  But wait, first everybody in the crowd - put a paper grocery bag on your head.  It didn’t stop there though.  50 of the 350 grocery bags had flour in them.  So, 1,2,3, put your grocery bag on and 50 friend got a surprise.  Ben was one of the 50.  I don’t know how he got it on but he did and he got dusted, (another story there)

We invited Ben to come back, He didn’t.  I set about to find him.  He went to the high school where I was a volunteer with Young Life.  It took me 3 weeks to find him (another story). 

We decided to have one meeting with Ben and his friends with disabilities.  It was not a good meeting. (Another story) but that night we had fun with silly string and Jesus got lifted up.

We never quit.

In 2009 I got downsized from my “real job”.  My wife Catherine and I had to decide whether I should look for another job in business development or to pursue my passion.  In 2010 David’s Table became official.  We had a nonprofit.  I could devote full time to working with young folks with disabilities.

Two things became evident.

  • There was a great need for Christian ministry with adults with disabilities and their families.
  • According to one of our supporters, a great friend,
    1. David’s Table is pretty good.
    2. Skeeter is old.

A challenge was set.  “Here is a lump of money for David’s Table.  All you must do to receive it is:

  • Match the gift
  • Create a strategic plan.
  • Create a succession plan.”

The match was first.  The funds were to help with the cost of a new Executive Director.  We did that.

The strategic plan was next, and it is summed up in our mission statement.

  • David’s Table exists to demonstrate the love of Jesus to adults with disabilities and their families by creating community, connecting to resources, and making disciples.

The succession plan was next.  God has done some wonderful work.

  • Katie Mitchell is our Executive Director. She comes from about 15 years as a Navy Chief – Medical Corpsman - and about 15 years as an MRI technician with St Francis, responsible for the people who work in the department.  I believe she has a spiritual gift of administration to go along with a passion for Jesus and our work.  Katie has a desire to look and see where God is and  would have us go and do all she can with her gifts and talents to go there together.  She and her husband Tom have a family that includes three special adult children.
  • Keith Finch is our Program Director. Keith comes to us from 34 years as a Special Educator.  So much experience.  Keith and his wife Lisa have two special children who are part of their family.
  • I have the best title in all of non-profit ministry. I am the Storyteller n Chief.  And yes, Chief is my yellow lab.

So what has happened since we started?

Here is one thing!!!

About 8 years ago a mother of two special children about to graduate from high school called and asked for a meeting at a local restaurant.  “I can’t tell Ally she can’t come to the high school meeting after she graduates, we are going to do something  - AREN’T WE!!!”  7-9 young adults with disabilities began meeting on Monday nights.  Today we have averaging about 100 each week.  We have added a second meeting location in addition to 12-18 who jump in on Zoom each week.  Our friends know that Monday night meeting as E210.  Ephesians 2:10. “For we are God’s masterpiece.  He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”  We are currently studying Hebrews.

There are lots of other activities.  They will make a great second, third, fourth… up date.