A Funny Story How This Dog Became a Nature's Select Dog

A Story on How Romeo Found His Forever Home and Favorite Kibble

  So what happened was . . . .I was running late for dinner reservation with my friend Stefanie (shocking) and I was on the phone with her explaining that I would be ready, but maybe not exactly at 8pm.  She said, 'c'mon Lisa, we still need to drop the TV off at my sisters on Park Ave. . ."

  Then I saw him . . . I said, "Stef. . . I see a yellow lab running in between the cars on 2nd Ave. . and he's off leash!!" She said, "that's terrible, but are you leaving soon?" (She's a HUGE animal lover) but she also thought I was fabricating a story to divert her from the fact that I was running late. . . I said I'll be there. . . leaving now. . . by the time I got out of my building. . the dog and owners running after him were long gone. . . so I got in my car.

I get to her place, grab her and the TV and drop it off to her sisters (a good almost 10 city blocks away) and tell me why I see the SAME DAMN DOG running up the sidewalk. . . this time with no one behind him. I jump out and sprinted faster then I have for any PT test . . and this dog dodges me. . . like a football player. . . not once. . . but THREE times!!!!

I convince the food delivery guy on the bike to pedal ahead of me, and the cars are stopped at the red light. . . so we triangled the dog, and some Asian dude (true hero) jumped out of no-where like Spider-Man and tackled him. The poor dog actually was so scared. . . but we GOT HIM!!!!

I ran back to my car, because I had my other dogs Hope's leash and collar in the backseat . . . He willingly let me put the collar on, and I walked him back to my car.  Steph is blowing up my phone at this point because she was walking out of her sisters place and saw my car just sitting there with the door open, and was confused, like, "where did she go?" I called 911 immediately after I got him in my backseat, and they asked for my address and I met them at the restaurant (for which we had dinner reservations) and Stef gave the poor guy a 2-go container of water which he lapped up instantly. . . The cops said, "we've got it from here. . . when we heard, "DOG, we were in hot persuit!" lols

Honesly, if nothing else. . . please give a shout out to these ladies in blue who came to this puppies rescue. Even though I also sprinted my ass off through the traffic to keep him from getting hit by a car.

Alas, this was a Saturday night and I finally got word on Monday at 4pm that not only is he ok, but his owner was dead, would you like to take him? I said, "Only if Hope is ok with him. . . " Day 3 in the books. . . so we.shall.see.

What do you guys think?


1) I'll be doing a lot more walking

2) Hope has a new friend

3) I couldn't see him in a cage at the ASPCA

4) he's only 4 years old

5) Now it's time to get a house

7) DAT FACE!!!


1) I have to pick up more poop


I mean . . . I get a call from Jessica with Nature's Select on how my dogs will poop less when being fed Nature's Select and receive FREE home delivery . . SOLD!

Romeo and Hope with their Nature's Select Multi-Protein Recipe